Man Says He Was Fired After Chasing Shoplifters

A store clerk says he was fired after chasing down two alleged crooks.

According to Bryan McGuire, he was in the middle of his shift at 7-Eleven on South Academy in Colorado Springs last month when he saw two men shoplifting from the store. When he approached them, they took off. McGuire says he chased after them.

McGuire told 11 News that when he caught up to the crooks and tried to get their license plate number, he was attacked. He injured his arm and had to get stitches in his head.

For two weeks after the incident, he continued working at his job. Then he says he was suspended.

"I was actually on the job and they suspended me, saying it was under investigation.

"Then I was told that I was fired...that I'd created an unsafe circumstance by going out of the store."

11 News talked a 7-Eleven spokesperson, who said that while she could not comment on this specific case, it is 7-Eleven policy to tell their employees not to chase after crooks.