Man Saves Runner's Life 1 Day After Learning CPR


Just one day after a man learned CPR, he found himself using those new skills to save a life.

Larry Black told sister station KCNC that he was on his way to work when he saw a man lying on the ground.

Jeff Eshbaugh, 48, had suffered a heart attack while running Thursday morning in Aurora.

Black had just taken his first CPR class the day before, but he knew he had to do something.

“Being a Christian it felt natural to do something to help,” he told KCNC. “So I didn’t think about it long enough to get scared or unsure or anything.”

Having newly acquired the knowledge necessary to save Eshbaugh's life wasn't the only stroke of fortune that day; Black told KCNC that the route he was driving when he came across Eshbaugh was not his usual route. He said he decided by chance to go a different way to work Thursday.

The two men were reunited at Porter Adventist Hospital after Eshbaugh was treated, where he thanked Black for saving his life.

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