Police: Man Jumps Off Roof In Attempt To Escape Police

A man tried escaping police by crawling out a motel window, then jumping off the roof.

Police say they caught up with the suspect after setting up a perimeter and searching the area with a CSPD K-9 unit.

The suspect could be connected with a stolen truck out of Woodland Park. Springs police say they found the truck in the parking lot of the motel the suspect was staying in but have not confirmed that he was involved with the theft.

Patrol officers spotted the truck at the Budget Host Inn on Sinton Road while doing midnight patrols in the area. After narrowing down the time that the occupant of the truck arrived at the motel, police determined what room the occupant was likely staying in.

Police knocked on the door of that motel room, but say when the man answered and saw officers, he slammed the door shut. He then escaped through the window, according to police, climbed up to the roof and jumped off. He injured his legs jumping, but managed to escape the area anyway.

For about four hours, police and a K-9 unit searched the area of Fillmore and I-25 for the suspect.

The suspect was located at daybreak after a witness reported seeing him running from an area that had been searched overnight. Officers found the suspect, identified as Alex Lyon, and arrested him on three outstanding warrants.

Springs police say they executed a search warrant in Lyon's motel room later Tuesday morning, and recovered the keys to the stolen Ford Explorer. A woman, 29-year-old Tara Sexton, was still in the room, and arrested on unrelated charges.

Woodland Park police say they have not confirmed if Lyon is the suspect they are looking for in connection to the stolen Explorer.