Man Holds Alleged Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

A man was home with his wife and son Tuesday night when he heard the sound of glass shattering and his wife screaming.

"My wife started screaming, saying somebody was trying to get into the house," Jeremy Strong recalled.

Strong immediately grabbed his gun and ran to his back door, where he said a stranger had broken one of the windows.

"There was a gentleman there, kind of out of his mind on drugs," Strong recalled. "Methamphetamines we found out later. He was trying to run from the backyard, so I pointed my weapon at him and told him to get on the ground."

Strong held that man at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police were already on Strong's street, South Corona Avenue in southwest Colorado Springs, having been called to a home two doors down just minutes before for a similar incident. Officers say four men ran into a home and then out the back door, in what may have been a chase between three of the suspects and the first man to run through the door. The homeowner said he was never threatened.

Police arrested Thomas Morphet at Strong's home, but say that Strong is not planning on pressing charges. He thought Morphet looked scared and needed help.

The other men were never located.