PD: Man Hit By Train Was Wearing Headphones

A man is in the hospital now after being hit by a train.

It happened at the rail road tracks near America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs Thursday afternoon.

A witness told police they saw a man walking down the tracks wearing headphones.

As a train continued heading northbound, it started sounding its horn.

The witness said it didn't seem like the man who was walking could hear it. That person said they also started yelling at the man, but it was too late and the train hit him.

The victim was identified as 33-year old Quamaine Jenkins.

Colorado Springs police assisted the Union Pacific Railroad Company with the preliminary investigation.

They say so far there are no indications of criminal activity, but they are still trying to figure why Jenkins was by the train tracks.

Jenkins was transported to the hospital soon after the train hit him.

"It's definitely a serious injury. There was a substantial amount of blood left at the scene from injuries to his head, but as far as the exact medical designation, I'm not in a position to ascertain that yet," said Larry Herbert, a spokesperson with CSPD.

There's no word yet on how fast the train was going or just how long the engineer was sounding the horn before the impact.

Jenkin's condition is unknown at this time.

"There are probably very few legitimate reasons why people should be on or near train tracks, but if that is the case they should stay away from them and stay alert at all times," said Herbert.