Local Contractor Steps In To Help With Manitou Flooding

It’s been almost week since the massive flooding tore through our state. Now we're seeing more and more people step up to help.

One man is going above and beyond what he was hired to do at a local home.

Sean McCafferty is a local contractor. Last week he was in the middle of putting in hardwood floors at a home in Manitou Springs when the flooding hit. Water rushed into the woman's home, flooding her basement. As Fountain Creek expanded its banks, McCafferty put off finishing the flooring job. Instead, he actually created a sand wall to help keep the water back. He also worked to pump the water out of her basement. Those are things he's not getting paid to do.

“She’s a great lady and I don't want to see her stuff get damaged, so we're just doing this to do the right thing. We're working on the house, this isn't our gig but we're just trying to help her out,” McCafferty explained.

McCafferty says it's been challenging because just as fast as he adds more sand to that wall, it erodes away. Eventually he hopes to finish the flooring.