Man Held Up At Gunpoint In Mall Parking Lot

A Springs man was held up at gunpoint in broad daylight in a crowded parking lot.

Josh Ramsey tells 11 News he went inside Chapel Hills Mall Thursday to sell his phone. He was approached by a stranger who offered to buy it, but needed to get some money from his car. When the pair walked out to the stranger's car, Ramsey said the man pulled a gun on him.

"Honestly, I was scared...realistically scared for life. He could have just shot me," Ramsey said.

Ramsey said he gave up his phone and ran away as fast as he could.

"As soon as I got into the store, I was almost in tears. I started screaming, 'I just got 'jacked in the parking lot,' and I just kept running."

Police are now looking at surveillance footage to see if the suspect was caught on camera. No suspect description has been released at this time.