Man Found Guilty After Quadruple Shooting

A Colorado Springs man is convicted of double murder.

Alonzo Paige was found guilty on Thursday of murder and attempted murder.

He shot four people in January 2012 in Colorado Springs at the Timberline Apartments.

Paige eluded police for more than a month before they were able to arrest him.

Andrew Encalade, 23, and Marquise Bean, 20, were both shot and killed.

Encalade's brother Adam, 26, and 21-year old Jareen Vanterpool were both seriously wounded.

Earlier during closing statements, Paige's defense said that his actions were the result of post traumatic stress disorder.

Prosecutors said Paige was targeting gang members when he shot the men.

Paige was found guilty on all charges, which included murder and attempted murder.

After the verdict came down Paige gave a tearful statement to the victims' families, saying, "They left me no choice, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, they made me."

The mother of one of the victims told 11 News she feels now there is justice for her son.

Paige asked to be sentenced immediately, explaining he wanted to get out of the county jail and start his sentence as soon as possible.

Sentencing is set for November 26.