Stolen Car Recovered, Riddled With Bullet Holes

A man popped into a store Wednesday evening--and when he returned to the parking lot, someone was driving away in his car.

The victim fired a few shots at his own vehicle, but the suspect was able to get away.

It all played out in a strip mall on South Academy and Chelton in Colorado Springs. Police say they were first alerted by witnesses that a man was standing around the parking lot firing a weapon; it wasn't until officers got on scene that they realized a vehicle theft had prompted the shots fired.

Police say that the victim made a crucial mistake when running into a liquor store at that strip mall just before the theft: he left his car running. Officers told 11 News that not only is it illegal to leave an unoccupied vehicle running, but it makes things much easier for potential thieves.

The suspect is described as a 25-year-old white male with short dark hair and a thin build. The car was recovered at a Safeway on 1425 N. Murray one day after it was stolen, riddled with bullet holes. Police found it during an unrelated theft call, but say the suspects had already fled the scene before officers arrived.

The victim of the car theft was served and released on misdemeanor charges of prohibited use of a firearm.