School Sends Out Notice After Man Exposes Himself To Kids

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A southern Colorado school district is alerting parents, after a man reportedly pulled down his pants and started touching himself in front of three children.

This happened Wednesday night at about 6:15 right in front of Stratton Meadows Elementary School. That’s not far from Southgate and Nevada, south of downtown Colorado Springs.

District 2 says they sent out an email notice to parents Thursday morning and then sent a hard copy home with students. The notice, as posted on the Facebook page, is posted at the bottom of this article.

Flor Zabala told 11 News she is sick, angry, and scared. She told us her 10-year-old son plays in front of that school all the time. She said usually, he's safe there, especially when he’s with his friends, but Wednesday night, someone else was there too.

"I'm really scared, I'm really scared about this because it's my son, my life," Zabala said.

Zabala told us the boys were right out in front of the school riding their bikes. It was still light out and shouldn't have been a problem, but at one point the boys realized that a man they didn't know was slowly following behind in a car as they rode.

Zabala said her son told her the guy in the car opened the door, and that's when the boys realized his pants were down and he was touching himself.

They tried to ride away, but he kept driving after them; eventually they changed directions and he stopped following.

"I'll just watch my son all the time because I'm worried now. You never know when something is going to happen, but I'm very worried now...everything happened at the school, too many kids play over there," Zabala added.

Police say the suspect is a white or Hispanic male, with short black hair and a mustache. He's described as heavyset, and believed to be 25 years old. The car he was in is described as a blue sedan.

Zabala wants everyone in the area to be on the lookout for that guy in the blue car.

If you have any information, call CSPD at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP

The notice to parents at the school appears below:

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We want to share a report that was taken by Colorado Springs Police Department late last night. We feel it is important to provide you with the following information:

Three elementary students were playing near Stratton Meadows Elementary School Wednesday evening when a blue sedan pulled up next to them. The male in the car was described as a Caucasian or Hispanic male, black hair, heavy set and approximately 25 years of age. When he opened his car door, he exposed himself to the children. As the children biked away, the male followed in the car for a short time and then drove off. Police and district security are working this case.

It is upsetting to all of us when things like this happen, but we applaud how the parents and children handled this unfortunate incident. The students were playing in a group and left the area immediately on their bikes to inform a parent. The parent immediately contacted the police and the school district security.

We want our students to enjoy healthy outdoor activities, but we ask you to be diligent in supervising outdoor play. If possible, find a safe area for your children to play where you can see them at all times. Perhaps you can share the supervision of your children with family members, neighbors and friends. Remind your children to play in groups and to never talk to strangers. Also let them know that if they are approached by a stranger, they should run and report the incident to you or their caregiver immediately.

We have provided additional tips for safety:

Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Colorado Springs Police Department and to your school administration. Thank you for working with us to keep our children safe.


Andre D. Spencer
Superintendent of Schools