Man Confronts Thief, Is Assaulted

A man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a store clerk and a police officer.

Zane Gutierrez, 23, reportedly tried to steal beer from a 7 Eleven on the 900 block of Circle Drive in Colorado Springs.

The clerk says he confronted Gutierrez outside the store.

The clerk then reportedly went inside to call police. The victim says the suspect followed him inside and started hitting him in the head with a piece of metal shelving.

The suspect then took off, according the the clerk.

Police say they found Gutierrez walking a short distance away, but when an officer tried to stop him, he reportedly shoved the officer into a patrol car and ran away.

Police say they saw the suspect run into a back yard and sent a police dog in to get him.

Zane Gutierrez was taken to the hospital for a check up after contact with the police dog. He faces multiple charges including theft, second degree assault and second degree assault on a peace officer.

The incident happened around 1:20 a.m. September 20.