Man Says Dogs Attacked Him Moments Before He Was Shot

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A Springs man says he had quite the streak of bad luck on his way back from a Super Bowl party Sunday night.

While walking home, Nathan Schnackenberg says two pit bulls randomly ran up to him and attacked. He was able to fight the dogs off, and made his way to a 7-Eleven on Bijou.

While standing outside the convenience store, Schnackenberg says he heard a bang and felt a sharp, stinging pain on his arm. He thought maybe his cigarette lighter had exploded. But when he got to the hospital, he learned he had been shot.

Police say although the dog attack and shooting happened so close together, it appears the incidents are not related. So far the investigation, through gathering witness statements and physical evidence, seems to support Schnackenberg's story.

Schnackenberg is still confused and concerned about the events that night.

"You kinda hope that it's somebody just screwing around and playing with their dad's gun, that would be ideal. That scenario is much better to me than somebody who's out there trying to kill me"

Anyone with information about these events is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.