Man Charged In Years-Old Sex Assault Case

Credit: CSPD

Police have charged a man in an almost 17-year-old sexual assault case.

A 16-year-old girl was left naked and unconscious in an alley near the 1700 block of West Vermijo in October 1996. Neighbors called 911 after they heard screaming, but by the time police responded the suspects were gone. One witness reported seeing two men leave the area carrying a whip or something similar, and thought the victim had been beaten.

The case went cold for years before it was reopened at the end of 2012 after the Colorado Springs Police Department got notice that the DNA from the 1996 assault matched a profile of an inmate at the Buena Vista Correctional Complex, Armando Lee Trujillo. Springs detectives obtained a sample of Trujillo's DNA and sent it the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

In April of this year, CBI confirmed that the DNA CSPD sent matched the DNA from 1996. Trujillo, who is now 32, has been charged with sex assault for that crime.