Man Caught On Camera Stealing From Family's Garage

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Video submitted to 11 News may help catch a crook. The images recorded on a home security system show a man who robbed a house in Colorado Springs as the family slept.

The man in the video looks pretty comfortable in the garage, helping himself to tools that aren't his. He took plenty from Kari Parker’s home just off Galley Road on the east side of Colorado Springs.

"He does have our garage door opener but we've cleared the codes so it shouldn't work," Kari said.

The damage is done. Kari first noticed shattered glass in her driveway Tuesday morning. The security cameras her husband installed around the house capture the man breaking his truck window around 4:19 a.m. to get the garage door opener--and easy access to most everything inside.

"It's really frustrating," Kari said.

He grabbed anything he could carry, even taking off with a grim reaper decoration from the front walkway. A theft of Halloween spirit and a family's sense of security.

"I don't really want to be alone at home if I don't have to,” Kari said. “Yesterday I was really afraid to be at home."

Kari now hopes that police will catch a crook that was caught on camera.

If you know who the man is or anything about the case, call Crime Stoppers in Colorado Springs at 634-STOP.