Women Forced To Show Breasts During Break-In

Steven Trujillo
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A man is behind bars right now after police say he broke into a home and demanded that the two women inside take off their clothes.

The home invasion happened on East Evans Avenue in Pueblo at 9:30 Wednesday.

The elderly woman and her grown daughter told officers they thought they were going to be raped and murdered by the suspect, 21-year-old Steven Trujillo.

11 News obtained the arrest papers of Steven Trujillo. According to the papers, it says the two women were watching TV in a bedroom when they heard glass breaking near the front door.

Shortly after, police say the two women locked themselves in the bedroom because they feared someone was breaking into the house. Trujillo reportedly broke down the bedroom door and started screaming at them about "money" and a man named "Anthony."

Trujillo reportedly forced the two women to sit on the bed. Trujillo allegedly demanded that both women show him their breasts. According to the arrest papers, the women did because they feared he would hurt them.

Both women told police that they thought Trujillo was going to rape them and then kill them.

When officers pulled up in front of the house, they could hear the women inside, screaming frantically. The officers broke down the door of the home. Police say when they confronted Trujillo in the dark room, he pointed his hand at the officers and said "bang, bang."

Police had their weapons drawn but didn't shoot because the victims were right behind the suspect. Instead they got into a fist fight with the suspect and took him down.

We talked to neighbors who saw police bring the suspect out.

“The cops had this guy in handcuffs. He was fighting the cops all the way to the ambulance and they took him in the ambulance to the hospital,” explained Mary Mares.

The officers are being commended for how they handled that tense situation that could have turned deadly.

Trujillo remains in the Pueblo County Jail. He is facing burglary and attempted sexual assault charges.