Man Attacked by Rabid Fox

A Colorado Springs man is recovering after he was attacked by a rabid fox. Health officials say he was trying to protect his dog at the time.

The El Paso County Public Health department says it happened August 3 on Broadlake View. That is near the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

It’s the second time a fox has tested positive for rabies in the past three weeks. The foxes were found within a half-mile of each other.

The El Paso County Public Health department says it will be doing enhanced surveillance for foxes.

Health officials say if you are approached by a fox that doesn’t seem to be afraid of people, appears sick, or is injured or dead, call El Paso County Public Health at (719) 578-3220 and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (719) 227-5200 right away.

Rabies is fatal once symptoms appear. To protect yourself and your pets, health officials recommend the following:

-Vaccinate your pets.
- Keep pets on a leash when walking them to help protect them from wildlife.
- Call your vet right away if you think your pet has been exposed to a wild animal.
- Don’t touch or feed wild animals.
- If you or a family member is bitten or scratched by an unknown animal, call your doctor and the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region right away.
- Call an animal-control or wildlife conservation agency for assistance with “bat-proofing” your home.

It’s also important to be able to recognize sick or diseased wildlife.

-Healthy animals are normally afraid of people. Sick or diseased animals, on the other hand, often do not run away when spotted by people.(Foxes are active at night, but might be seen during the day, especially if they are looking for food for their pups.)
-Rabid animals will often act aggressively and violently approach people and pets.
-Sometimes a rabid animal will be overly passive , quiet and want to hide. If they are hiding, leave them alone.
-Rabid animals may also have trouble walking or stumble while walking.

Report sick or diseased animals to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at (719) 227-5200.