Teen Arrested For Several Robberies

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Pueblo police arrested 19-year-old Clemente Valenzuela in connection with several robberies.

Officers tell 11 News they made the arrest after he allegedly robbed the Dollar General store on Troy Avenue last week. After that, they were able to link Valenzuela to other robberies that started on May 19.

In total, Valenzuela is accused of six armed robberies in the city of Pueblo and one attempted robbery in Pueblo County. Those stores include: a Loaf N' Jug on Norwood Avenue, a Loaf N' Jug on Northern Avenue, a 7-Eleven on Lake Avenue, the Western Convenience Store on Thatcher Avenue, and the Dollar General on Troy Avenue. Police say he robbed the Loaf N' Jug on Norwood Avenue twice. In those crimes, police say he used a hand gun.

Valenzuela also is accused of an attempted robbery at Domino's Pizza in Pueblo County. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office is investigating. All crimes took place between May 19 and June 12.

Valenzuela is in jail on $300,000 bond.

11 News spoke to a Loaf N Jug Customer, Libby Ward, Friday afternoon.

"Unfortunately, it's everybody else in the community that suffers. Especially, the young people that are working here," said Ward.