Man Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Volunteer

A man suspected of sexually assaulting a Red Cross volunteer has been arrested in Maine.

Allen Crabtree, 71, has been charged with class four felony sexual assault.

According to police, the case was initially reported to authorities in Austin, Texas, where the victim is from, but the investigation eventually determined the assault took place in a Colorado Springs hotel on July 7.

Police say Crabtree and the victim met during an annual Red Cross train session prior to the pair being sent to Fort Collins to assist the High Park Fire victims. Both were then sent to Colorado Springs to help Waldo Canyon Fire victims.

Crabtree and the victim reportedly got drinks on the night of July 7 and eventually ended up back at a hotel. The victim told police she believes she was drugged at the hotel and then sexually assaulted.

At this time, there is no further information about the investigation, and how police tracked Crabtree to Sebago, Maine. It is also unknown if there were more victims. We are working to get more information.