Man Taken Into Custody At Falcon High School, Officials Speak Out

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A 20-year-old allegedly rode a school bus to an El Paso County high school Tuesday morning, then walked into the school unauthorized as school started for the day.

Within minutes, the sheriff's office says school faculty stopped him and escorted him to the front office, where it was determined he was not a student and had no purpose for being in the school. Sheriff's deputies later took him into custody.

The incident happened at Falcon High School. A spokesperson with District 49 said no one was harmed during the incident. It's unknown why the man wanted entry into the school.

Under school policy, all visitors must report to the main office when entering the school to show ID and provide the purpose of the visit. Authorities say this man failed to do that.

"No one regrets it more than us, it's not right and we will do everything we can to rectify it and make sure it doesn't happen in the future," said Gene Hammond, D-49 Director of Transportation. "I wish I could promise you that it would never happen again. But this is not that we're about - we regret that it happened and we will do everything in our power to make sure it doesn't happen again."