Man Arrested After Reportedly Trying To A Enter Home During Police Chase

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A man accused of riding a stolen motorcycle reportedly tried to enter a random home while attempting to run away from police.

Colorado Springs police said they saw Michael Medina riding a stolen motorcycle in the downtown area. Medina reportedly took off on the bike at a high rate of speed when he saw police.

Police said they didn't follow Medina, instead they went to another location already associated with him. That is where police said they found the stolen motorcycle and saw Medina running away from the scene.

Police said that while Medina was trying to get away, he tried to force his way into a home. A dog at the home reportedly scared him away.

Medina was arrested a short distance away. Police said he had 150 Vicodin pills and 6 grams of what is believed to be methamphetamine with him when he was arrested.

Medina is facing charges connected to the stolen motorcycle, a stolen license plate, attempted second degree burglary and possession of narcotics.