Man Arrested After Police Chase

A police chase early Thursday morning ended when the suspect crashed and was arrested after trying to run away from the accident scene.

Police in the Springs say they tried to pull over Steve West near Circle Drive and Winnipeg Drive for minor traffic violations, but he wouldn't stop. Police say they didn’t chase him because of poor road conditions.

About 20 minutes later, police say they made another attempt to stop West near Circle Drive and Ellingwood Drive, but he still refused to stop. Police chased him for a short time, but stopped because of poor road conditions.

Police say they made a third attempt to stop West near Monterey and Hancock Expressway. He reportedly didn’t stop again. Police say West was driving recklessly.

Police say West got into an accident on the on-ramp at South Circle Drive and Hancock. No other vehicles were involved. They say he got out of the vehicle and tried to run away, but police caught him and arrested him. He was arrested for traffic violations and felony eluding.

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