Man Accused Of Torturing Kitten Pleads Guilty

Heckmann (Credit: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office)

A man accused of torturing and killing a kitten has pleaded guilty.

Investigators said Robert Heckmann, 25, filmed the torture of 12-week-old kitten Loki. Heckmann pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges Thursday morning.

Investigators said they found a text conversation on Heckmann's phone boasting about the acts.

HSPPR Director of Animal Law Enforcement Joe Stafford said the degree of violence made this case one of the "most distressing."

"This type of violence worries me. We’ve seen many cases in which those convicted of animal cruelty go on to commit other acts of violence, such as domestic violence, child abuse or elder abuse."

The woman who adopted Loki and his brother Stewie to Heckman told KKTV the kittens were part of an unplanned litter, and they wanted to find the kittens good and loving homes.

"We thought Robert was a good guy, always smiling, cracking little jokes," Jessi recalled.

Heckmann's next court appearance is scheduled for April.