Man Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Police Cruiser

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Police say it's amazing no one was hurt after a suspect took a squad car out for a joyride Tuesday night.

Damaged cars could be seen up and down Corona Street on the southwest side of Colorado Springs, where the suspect's wild ride came crashing to an end.

Police say it all started in the area of South Nevada and Brookside, where officers spotted a "suspicious" man while investigating a crime in the area. Officers identified him as 21-year-old Dustin Guinn, and took him into custody after learning he had felony and misdemeanor warrants out for his arrest. Guinn was handcuffed and locked into the back of the cruiser.

But somehow, police say Guinn managed to slip out of the cuffs and crawl through the locked dividing window into the driver's seat. For seven minutes, the suspect allegedly led officers on a chase through residential streets in southwest Colorado Springs before finally crashing through a chainlink fence on the 2000 block of S. Corona Ave. During that seven minutes, police say Guinn hit several vehicles, some while the owners were behind the wheel.

"My tire is flat, the back end has the worst of it, it's so bent up," a man who was reportedly sideswiped by the suspect told 11 News.

After he crashed, Guinn was once again taken into custody--but this time he went straight to the CJC. He was charged with motor vehicle theft. Police say he may have been on drugs.