Man Accused of Stealing Cash

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Colorado Springs Police have arrested a man, they say stole cash and took advantage of more than a dozen people.

Police tell 11 News that Perry Suggs allegedly targeted people that served in the military, and took advantage of their generosity. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft.

Stan Kline tells 11 News that Suggs stole money from him.

Kline had just pulled into his garage, when he says he was approached by Suggs.

Suggs allegedly told him his wife had been in a car accident and he needed a ride.

"He was very well dressed, communicated exceptionally well," said Stan Kline. "He seemed real to me."

Kline agreed to give him a ride. On the way, Kline stopped at Walgreens and accidentally left an envelope of cash in the car.

"I was trusting of him up to that point. I went in, bought some cough drops, came back out again, and I glanced down and saw I left the envelope there and didn't think anything of it," said Kline.

He dropped the man off, and when he got home noticed the envelope was $80 short.

"He was polished. He's obviously done it numerous times," said Kline.

Officer Pete Tomitsch believed Kline had been scammed and started searching for the suspect.

"The ball kept rolling, and I would get a little tidbit of information and kept going with it," said Officer Tomitsch with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

It took Officer Tomitsch just five hours to find Suggs, who reportedly admitted to taking the money.

Officer Tomitsch tells 11 News that Kline did everything right; Kline asked a lot of questions, asked to see the man's ID, and wrote down the man's name, all of which helped police track the suspect down.

Police believe there might be more victims out there. If you think you were scammed, called police at 719-444-7000.