Man Accused Of Stalking 10-Year Old Neighbor Pleads Guilty

UPDATE: A man accused of stalking a 10-year-old girl in Green Mountain Falls pleaded guilty in court Monday.

Louis Pico pleaded guilty to promotion of obscenity to a minor. He will be sentenced in April.


Longtime neighbors are hopefully people you can trust. But in Green Mountain Falls, one couple says that was not the case for them when they realized the type of relationship their 67-year old neighbor was allegedly having with their 10-year old daughter.

"Turns out you can't trust anyone," said the victim's mother. 11 News chose not to identify her to protect her daughters privacy.

Detectives say Louis Pico would hide sexually themed notes, money and candy under an angel figurine in his yard for the young girl to find.

"Sick, it makes me sick to my stomach. I'm afraid to go to work. I'm afraid to leave my kids alone," the girl's mother said.

Arrest papers only obtained by 11 News say Pico would aim a laser pointer in the 10-year old's window late at night--when she'd look out, detectives say he would shine a flashlight on his private parts and touch himself.

The arrest affidavit said after that, he left the girl a note that said:

"Thanks for last night. You are getting too much money. Someone is going to ask why and where you are getting it from. Understand? We have to think about this. Ok?? See you later. Bike."

The victim says Pico had taken pictures of her riding her bike. Another note allegedly left for the girl read:

" I missed you riding your bike. Ride your bike and wear those sexy shorts so I can look at your feet up."

"You move to a small town like this and you expect to get away from all that stuff and then here it is. You're not safe anywhere you go," the victim's mother told 11 News.

The girls father also told investigators that he had caught Pico using binoculars to look into their home.

Detectives said they've recovered several items from Pico's home to support the allegations.

Pico is facing charges of stalking, obscenity, indecent exposure and public indecency.

He bailed out of jail on Aug. 27. 11 News stopped by his house to get his side of the story, but no one came to the door.

One neighbor told 11 News that Pico is known for being kind and generous in the community and he's surprised to hear he might be involved in something like this.

It's unknown if Pico has any other victims in the area. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact El Paso County Sheriff's Office Detective Rosario Hubbell at 719-520-7189.

Pico made a court appearance Thursday, where he formally heard the charges he's facing. He has until October to decide what plea he will enter.