Man Accused Of Killing Kitten Pleads Guilty

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PUEBLO, Colo. A man accused of filming himself while he tortured and killed a kitten pleaded guilty in court Monday to animal cruelty.

This is the second time Robert Heckmann has pleaded guilty in the case. The first time a judge rejected the deal and opted to have Heckmann stand trial instead. That happened after a media interview during which Heckmann reportedly said he was innocent, even after pleading guilty.

The trial was scheduled for June, but Monday's second guilty plea vacates that trial. The judge will decide Heckmann's sentencing on July 28 in court. He stands to face anywhere from potential prison time to probation.

Court papers says the violence towards 12-week-old Loki started long before Heckmann killed the kitten; days before Loki's death, court papers say Heckmann threw Loki against a wall.

Then in mid-January, Heckmann's girlfriend notified police that Heckmann had sent her several text messages detailing how he first tortured, then killed the kitten. Court papers state that Heckmann also sent his girlfriend videos of the attack.

Authorities released excerpts of the text messages at the time of the arrest. Based on those texts, the description of the attack was followed by a text stating that Heckmann felt euphoric while drowning and strangling the kitten, and was disappointed that it was over.

Loki's brother Stewie was rescued from the home and has since been adopted.