Man Admits He Tried To Sell Marijuana To Dispensary

Thomas Salsman

Thomas Salsman told 11 News he tried to sell marijuana to a dispensary in Pueblo West. He also told us he has sold to other medical marijuana shops in Colorado Springs in the past.

11 News reporter Alyssa Chin spoke to Salsman on camera Wednesday.

Chin: "Did you know that it was illegal to sell to a dispensary?"

Salsman: "Yes ma'am, I knew it was illegal but I've sold to two dispensaries here in Colorado Springs when I first got my marijuana license."

Salsman told us he had been growing marijuana in his home for five years, and that the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office was incorrect when they stated he had been growing for two decades.

Two weeks ago, Salsman was arrested during a PCSO sting operation.

"I've been out of the scene for three or four years now and didn't realize it was that severe of a crime to sell to the dispensary," Salsman said.

Marijuana retail stores and dispensaries are not allowed to buy pot from anyone who isn't licensed by the state.

Salsman says this is the first time he's been in real trouble with the law.

Chin: "Is going to make you stop?"
Salsman:"Ma'am after this, I'm going to sell all my grow equipment. I will never grow again, I will never teach anyone how to grow, I will never smoke marijuana again in my life, ever."

He is now facing felony drug charges and potential jail time. He told 11 News the reason he wanted to sell the marijuana was because he needed the money for bills, and acknowledged he has a gambling problem.

Salsman said after his arrest, Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor made statements about the legalization of marijuana, and that it could be leading to the illegal sale of other, harder drugs. Salsman told us in his case, that's simply not true.

Salsman will be in court later this month for his preliminary hearing, we'll let you know what happens.

Previous Coverage:

A man has been arrested for reportedly trying to sell marijuana to a pot shop.

Thomas Salsman is from Colorado Springs but the store is in Pueblo County.

Detectives set up a sting and made the arrest Wednesday.

Investigators say Salsman admitted to having a grow operation for more than two decades.

Marijuana retail stores and dispensaries are prohibited from buying pot from anyone who isn't licensed by the state.

Investigators say they found about 2 1/2 pounds of pot in Salsman's house and car, along with a .45 caliber handgun.