Man Accused Of Soliciting Girls To Watch Sex Act Formally Charged

Credit: CSPD

Over the span of three weeks, a man driving a red-hued truck stopped young girls all over the Springs and offered them money to watch him touch himself.

Police believe they caught the person known as the "red truck suspect" after more than a dozen reported incidents. Duston Ridner, 43, was arrested May 22. He bonded out the next day.

Ridner appeared in court Thursday, where he was formally charged with indecent exposure and soliciting prostitution. Ridner faces nearly 30 counts on sex-related crimes.

Police say that on 13 separate occasions, the suspect pulled up alongside a girl in her teens or early 20s and offer $100 to watch him masturbate. The girls were all able to get away before the suspect exposed himself.

After Ridner's arrest, 11 News spoke to his wife, who held steadfast to his innocence. She told us that her husband's truck does not match the description of the suspect vehicle; in several of the incidents, the victims described the truck as having temporary plates. Ridner's wife says his truck has permanent plates.

Michelle Ridner also says it's ridiculous to think her husband, a Fort Carson soldier, would wear his Army fatigues to commit the crimes. Many of the victims described the suspect as wearing camo.

Ridner will be back in court in a month to tell a judge how he pleads in the case.