New Details: Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girl From Church

Credit: CSPD

An accused sexual predator faces allegations of sexually assaulting a girl from his church.

Police say that Antonio Mendoza could have access to several other children at the church, but have not said if they believe there are other victims.

Mendoza was arrested Tuesday following a nearly week-long investigation into the sexual assault. Police were first alerted to Memorial Hospital on March 19, where they were told the suspect had "inappropriate sexual contact" with the victim. Further investigation led to concerns that the suspect was in a position where he could potentially harm other children.

Mendoza and the victim are both members of the Iglesia de Jesus Cristo Pentecostal on North Academy in Colorado Springs.

The victim told police she was sleeping over at a friend's house when Mendoza allegedly had the two kids give him a massage in his bedroom. One of them left and that's when police say Mendoza sexually assaulted the young girl.

The victim told police she was able to push him off.

She told police Mendoza tried to buy her things at the store and took her out to eat before going to the church the two families both attend.

Police say Mendoza admitted to touching the girl but denied the sexual assault.

He was arrested for sexual assault on a child and taken to the CJC, where based on jail records he has since bonded out.