Man Accused Of Dismembering Mother Pleads Makes Insanity Plea

A man accused of poisoning and dismembering his mother, then driving around with her remains has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Ari Liggett and his mother were both reported missing in October of last year. Two days later, a vehicle associated with the pair was seen near their Denver-area neighborhood. When police attempted to pull them over, Liggett allegedly tried to flee and ended up crashing the SUV. Police say he ran from the vehicle--which officers discovered held the severed remains of his mother.

According to court records at the time of Liggett's arrest, potassium cyanide was found inside the home. Investigators also found traces of blood, and a saw in the dishwasher.

The court records go on to say that Liggett claimed he found his mother dead and panicked, thinking she had committed suicide. He allegedly told investigators that he initially put her body in a freezer.

His father said last year that his son had a history of mental illness. He was found competent in February to stand trial.

Liggett, 24, will now undergo a mental health evaluation. It's expected to last 60 days.