Man In Jail For Attempted Murder Proven Innocent

A Pueblo man who was put in jail for attempted murder and assault has been proven to be innocent.

Back in 2011, the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office told us that Brendan Mikus stabbed his ex-wife.

His family hired a private investigator to prove he couldn't have done what his ex-wife said he did. Mikus is a paraplegic. A doctor and investigator proved he physically could not have pulled her inside the home to attack her. However, there was an argument and both were injured.

He spend a month in jail before his family had the money to bail him out. His case nearly went to trial before he was cleared.

"If the sheriff's department had done even a bit of...investigating or maybe used a little common sense it wouldn't have even gone that far. Because my folks had to use their retirement to get me out and pay for an attorney," Mikus said.

After Mikus was charged he lost custody of his son, a teen with Cerebral Palsy. He is working with an attorney to get his son back.