Making Internet Passwords Stronger To Protect Yourself

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We are looking into ways to protect yourself online, after a Russian crime ring stole more than a billion Internet usernames and passwords around the world.

The experts say the best way to protect your information is to change your password and to make it more complicated.

To do that, the experts recommend making your passwords long, and avoid using words that are in dictionaries.

It's a good idea to substitute characters in passwords. For example, instead of using an "s" use a "$."

The experts also say to never reuse passwords on other accounts.

It can be confusing to remember different passwords for all of the websites you use on a regular basis.

You can use a password manager website, like, to keep track of all your online passwords in one place.

It stores your personal information in a secure online vault, and all communication is encrypted so it's unreadable to hackers.

The service is free to download to your computer, and costs $12 a year if you want to access it on your phone.