Maketa No Show at County Commissioners Meeting

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa was a no show Thursday at the El Paso county commissioners meeting.

Maketa was on the agenda for the commissioners regularly scheduled business. He was scheduled to talk about several Sheriff's Office budget items.

At a commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Maketa was joined by his wife and kids, and had his attorney at his side.

Sheriff Maketa said very little to address the controversy surrounding him after allegations of abuse of his power surfaced in May.
Dorene Cardarelle, one of the women Maketa is accused of having an affair with and giving preferential treatment to, was also scheduled to be at Thursday's meeting.

She and Maketa allegedly exchanged a series of intimate, sexually graphic emails that were uncovered during the investigation.

Maketa is accused of giving her preferential treatment when she was promoted to her position as comptroller.

Cardarelle was scheduled to be at the meeting to discuss county budget items as well.