Mailman Parks In Handicap Spot

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A Vietnam vet hurt his leg in a helicopter crash while in combat. The injury has stayed with him decades later, and qualifies him for handicapped parking.

Wednesday, Bobby Crees was trying to get to a chiropractor appointment. When he got to the strip mall at Stetson Hills and Powers in Colorado Springs, someone had already taken the handicap parking spot. But it wasn't a person who needed it--it was a postal worker picking up mail at The UPS Store.

Crees said he tried to talk to the driver, who blew him off.

"I asked him if he always parked in handicapped spots, and he just mumbled something that I couldn't understand and threw something in the back of his truck and went back into the UPS store," Crees said.

Employees at The UPS Store told 11 News the postal worker usually parks in a loading spot, but that on Wednesday it was already taken when the mailman showed up.

However, while 11 News reporter Dustin Cuzick was at the strip mall, he noted that there were several delivery drivers who managed to avoid parking in the handicap spot.

"It's discouraging for people who need handicapped spots," Crees said.

Milixza Hebert agrees.

"Even if it's a few minutes, it's not right, there's other parking available. Just respect the people who really need those spots. I have a mother who needs those spots."

Crees and his wife Laura say they stepped forward regarding the incident because they don't want to see it happen to someone else.

"It's not about one employee who made a bad choice, it's about just educating the public overall," Laura Breakstone Crees said.

In response to the incident, the postal service had this to say.

"The building location in question doesn't have a designated spot for our larger delivery vehicle to load and unload. We will work with the building tenants to find a more appropriate location that doesn't encroach on the handicapped parking spots."

If you're caught parking in a handicapped spot without the proper permits in Colorado Springs, you face a $250 fine.