Mailboxes Vandalized in Springs Neighborhood

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Some neighbors are frustrated that they can't use their mailboxes after vandals damaged them.

It happened near Research and Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs.

Someone tore open the back of the mailbox, but it's not clear if the suspect took anything.

A sign taped to the broken mailbox states that it was recently vandalized and that mail might have been stolen.

Daniel Mitchell got a letter from the post office, warning him about what happened and what he needs to do.

"We should make sure that people we sent things to got them," said Mitchell.

David Maloney lives in the neighborhood. He is worried about possible identity theft.

"Since it's tax time, we're getting a lot of tax documents," said Maloney. "We're concerned if there were any tax documents that might have been stolen that had our Social Security numbers."

For now, the people in the neighborhood have to go to the nearest post office to get their mail until the mailbox is fixed.

11 News has learned that the Postal Inspection Service is investigating what happened. They are hoping to have the mailbox fixed soon, possibly by the end of the week.