Mailbox, Social Security Cards Among Items Found During Traffic Stop

Drivers' licenses, Social Security cards...a mailbox.

An astonishing amount of stolen identification all found inside a man's truck after a traffic stop early Thursday morning.

Springs police say that after a suspicious vehicle was pulled over for speeding, the officer found numerous ID cards, forged documents, financial statements, licenses, Social Security cards and a cluster mailbox stolen out of Pueblo.

The items were found during a routine inventory search of the vehicle after the officer detained the suspect. Police say the suspect had been identified as a habitual traffic offender during the traffic stop, and had been detained for that reason. The bounty of stolen items were an unexpected discovery.

Suspect David McKinley was then taken into custody on a number of charges, including identity theft.

U.S. Postal inspectors were called to the scene at I-25 and Fontanero in regards to the stolen mailbox.

Police say the stolen items were from all up and down the Front Range, but do not believe at this time that any were stolen from Black Forest Fire victims.

McKinley is expected in court Friday.