Lost Hikers Spend Night In State Wildlife Area

Lindsey Law and her dog were among those stranded overnight in a state wildlife area after getting separated from their group.
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With so much beautiful land to visit, it's commonplace for people to venture out to enjoy the Colorado outdoors.

It's easy to forget how quickly things can get dangerous.

A group of local hikers found that out the hard way after becoming stranded overnight at Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area in Penrose, just outside Canon City.

"Everything was going great for the first part of the day," Lindsey Law recalled. She and a bunch of her coworkers had gone out to the wildlife area Saturday afternoon for a short hike with their dogs.

But with a group as large as Law's--she says there were at least seven others with her--the group began to stretch out along the trail.

"The group in front of us would stop ever hour or two. We would catch up and everything would be great and we'd keep going.

"Eventually we couldn't find them."

Furious, Law and two others with her wandered around trying to figure out where the rest of their group was. As the sun began to set, Law realized they would probably have to spend the night. Fortunately, she was carrying a lighter, so she and her companions found an old fire pit and began gathering things to start a fire with.

"[We] built a fire up and we were taking turns just to try and sleep and taking turns of who was going to find wood."

But then the wind picked up, making the already chilly nighttime temperature even colder.

"The wind could have knocked you over," Law recalled. "It was so forceful. It was bad."

It also began to rain.

"We were wet from head to toe in the rain, plus trekking through rivers."

All Law was wearing was a light jacket, jeans and a shirt. She had made sure to bring her phone with her on her hike that day, but never anticipated needing extra clothes for an overnight stay.

More than 12 hours later, she, her companions and two dogs made it back to the parking lot.

Law hopes others can learn from her experience, and advises anyone going on a hike--even a short one--to carry extra jackets, food, water and some sort of emergency kit. Know the area you are hiking in to avoid getting lost.