Lost Bags? There Could Be An App For That!

Lost bags? There could be an app for that!

Instead of paper tags, some airlines are now testing digital luggage tags.

How it works: a tag is locked to the bag's handle, and a tracking device is placed inside. Then, an app lets you trace the bag if it gets lost.

Airlines are hoping that this will prevent the all-too-familiar anxiety travelers feel about making it to their destination without their luggage. They might also save passengers time: if you have one, you could skip the check-in line and go straight to an "e-bag drop."

A couple of airlines have been testing the digital tags, but the technology is still under development. According to CBS, developers and airlines are working with the International Air Transport Authority and security services to "ensure the devices can eventually be used across different airlines, different routes and at different airports."

British Airways, which has been testing the digital tags on its Seattle-to-London flights, says it hopes to expand usage of the tags by the end of the year. There's no word yet on when other airlines are prepared to formally roll them out.