Long Road Ahead For Toddler Injured In Explosion

The charred remains of a van and house tell only part of the story. The explosion of a garage has turned the lives of a local family upside down.

"It's hard to see...it's hard to see a child in so much pain and now knowing what you can do to help. It's just a feeling of helplessness, for everybody,” said Trevor Brill.

We are learning how a young toddler is doing after a shocking explosion. It happened at a home near Circle and Airport in Colorado Springs.

Only 11 News talked to the uncle of two-year-old Trystin Olive.

Trevor Brill tells us that his nephew has been upgraded to serious condition. He is suffering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his face, hands, legs and feet.

The uncle tells us that while his family has hope that toddler will make it through this, they know it’s going to be a long road ahead.

“He’s heavily sedated. He has breathing tubes while they assess his condition,” said Brill. It’s a good outlook but it’s going to require a long term recovery to get him through this.”

Trevor Brill was seriously injured during the explosion Sunday inside his father’s home. Firefighters say an open flame space heater caused the explosion while the boy’s dad and a friend were working on a vehicle.

The father, Mike Olive, is now in critical, but stable condition.

Brill says his sister, the boy’s mother, is still in “complete shock”.

“She is trying her hardest to be strong. She has other kids, who of course are scared and worried. She’s trying to hold everybody together the best she can, but she’s hurting like any parent would right now,” said Brill.

The mother, Kara, has two other daughters, ages 12 and 14.

The family says right now they are asking for prayers.

"Just to all the parents just hug all your kids at night, because you never know when something like this will happen,” said Brill.

Right now the family is trying to figure out the best course of recovery for Trystin.

As you can imagine that includes mounting medical bills and other expenses.

The family has set up a medical fund for Trystin.

If you wish to help the family out, just visit: