Long Lines On Final Day Of Early Voting

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The final day of early voting looked more like the premiere for a new movie. Some folks wanting to fill out their ballots had to wait more than two hours at the Chapel Hills Mall voting location

Just looking at the massive line of people, it really seems endless.

"I'm absolutely amazed at the turn out," voter Vicki Horton said.

Horton was one of hundreds who stood in the line for hours as it wound around the mall.

"It's completely to the other end (of the mall), and we were cheering (other people) on as they were going through saying, ‘Don't give up, it's moving fast, you can do it!’ So, it was good," Horton told us.

Teresa Robertson initially came down to vote during her lunch hour, hoping to use that time to cast her ballot. At first sight of the long line, she quickly turned around. However, despite knowing the line might grow larger, she came back after work and waited roughly an hour and a half to cast her ballot.

"It's just worth it. Better to get it done now, who knows what will happen Tuesday when I may not be able to get out to do it," Robertson said.

Some people we talked to weren't planning on spending their Friday night here, and will instead wait until Tuesday to vote.

"I think they waited to the last minute just like us," one voter told us.

Friday, the Chapel Hills voting location stayed open well past closing time. They said more than 2,000 ballots were cast at that location. Colorado Springs election officials told us they had nearly 29,000 people vote during the early voting period.

If you didn't have a chance to vote Friday, you can vote at your precinct on Tuesday, November 6th. If you have a mail in ballot, that can be dropped off any time before voting ends Tuesday night.