Lockdown At Two Woodland Park Schools

Two schools in Woodland Park were put on lockdown while officers investigated reports of a suspicious-looking man in the area.

The district says someone reported seeing the man in the area of Gateway Elementary and Woodland Park High School at 2:50 p.m. As this was the time school lets out for the day, the district told 11 News that they kept students at the two schools while police investigated. Students who were walking home were brought back in their school while police searched the high school.

Officers ultimately found nothing suspicious. Students were released at 4:10 p.m. after officers cleared the high school.

The man, who officials say looked like he was in his 30s, was seen wearing camo and a backpack. Not everyone who saw him thought he looked dangerous.

"I honestly...thought he was a high schooler, maybe waiting for his friend to come and get him, or just hanging out maybe," one student told 11 News.

Police say they know who the person is, but they did not make any arrests.