"Lock Out" Status Lifted for Schools Near Shooting

Harrison High School, Fox Meadow Middle School and the D-2 Harrison School District Administration building are all under "lock out" status, as police investigate a shooting nearby.

The gunman's whereabouts are unknown Monday after a woman was critically injured in a shooting at a Springs apartment complex in the area of Highway 115 and Lake.

D-2 officials tell 11 News the "lock out" status is in place, due to the proximity of the investigation. They tell us it's purely a precautionary measure.

School officials say a "lock out" is different from a "lockdown." In a "lock out," the doors are locked and no one is allowed in or out of the building. But inside the schools and admin building, things are running normally.

11 News will stay on top of the situation and let you know when the "lock out" status changes.