Manitou Locals React To Possibility Of Retail Pot Sales

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11 News is getting reaction from the folks who could soon see marijuana shops popping up in their town.

On Tuesday night, Manitou Springs City Council passed the preliminary vote, 6 to 1, to allow two retail marijuana stores to open within city limits.

Folks in town have a mixed reaction to the ordinance. But there's no arguing that retail marijuana shops will help boost revenue in Manitou and across our state.

Melanie McKeever says it's a step in the right direction.

"Seeing the taxes that have come in from the first day in Denver and Pueblo County, that's school money and our schools need help,” McKeever said.

Over 1,000 people flocked to one Pueblo marijuana shop for their grand opening. Pot shop owners across our state say they made more than $1 million on just the first day. But not everyone is on board with the possible change.

“I’m sure it will bring more people in but I think there's definitely going to be more crime that they'll have to face because so many people are out getting high,” Lynn Martin said.

Before a final vote, Manitou Springs city councilors are considering opinions like these.

"I'm begging you to stop and think for a minute,” one local woman pleaded.

"We don't need to be the only town within about a 75-mile radius,” Jerry Murphy said.

The final vote on whether or not to approve the ordinance is scheduled for the next city council meeting on January 21. If it passes, Manitou Springs would be the first to have retail marijuana shops in El Paso County.