Locals Rally At Acacia Park Protest Action In Syria

A group gathered in Colorado Springs Monday evening to hold a candlelight vigil at Acacia Park.

They want Congress to vote against bombing Syria.

"To make sure that we don't get into another slippery slope because our actions have unintended consequences in the Middle East, and it won't deescalate the conflict, it will only make it worse," State Representative Dennis Apuan (D) said, explaining his opposition to military action in Syria.

Tuesday night, 11 News will talk to Congressman Doug Lamborn about Syria and how he's voting.

President Obama is still moving forward with his plan to ask Congress to authorize the use of force in Syria, but said Monday that he is open to a proposal by Russia that would require the president of Syria to destroy his stockpile of chemical weapons. If Obama does agree to the proposal, it could prevent the U.S. from attacking Syria.