Locals Frustrated Over Old Stage Road's Continuing Closure

It's been more than 10 months since flooding shut down Old Stage Road.

Flood waters last September washed huge sections of the road right off the side of the mountain, and tore out the old, inadequate metal culverts in the area. With the exception of residents who live along the road, its been closed to traffic ever since.

The scenic road is popular with drivers and cyclists alike, and its closure has caused a lot of frustration among those who used it before last September. With residents still permitted to drive on it, people have pointed out that clearly cars can get through--so why can't everyone use it?

Road workers tell 11 News that even though its frustrating right now, the limited traffic is allowing repairs to be made much quicker. Officials are worried that if they were to open the road now while crews are still working, it would drastically slow the process down.

"Because then the contractors have to stop whatever they're doing, if they're getting work done to accommodate the traffic," El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark said when 11 News asked why traffic largely wasn't allowed on the road. She says her office has been inundated with questions about it.

"It's dangerous all the way around. For the traffic and for us, I mean, we have to watch for them, we have to stop, we always stop doing whatever we're doing," Project Manager Elmer Snider said.

Officials are confident that the work will be completed by September.