Local Woman Says She Stopped Unwanted Calls From Scammers

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A Colorado Springs woman says she figured out how to get scammers to leave her alone, after getting annoying calls on a daily basis.

Linda, who doesn't want us to use her last name, says she would get calls every day. It was always an automated call that offered to lower her interest rate, but it never said what company the message was from.

According to the Colorado Attorney General's office, if you are in this situation you should not answer the phone and let the calls go to voice-mail.

Linda says she tried that at first, but eventually she got fed up with the calls and decided to confront the potential scam artist.

The next time she got a call, she answered and pressed one to speak with a representative. She told the person who answered that she was recording the conversation and demanded they identify what company they work for.

"Since your company initiated this phone call you have to tell me who you are and what company you represent," said Linda.

The caller hung up and Linda says the calls have stopped.

Linda says if you are ever in a situation where you are dealing with unwanted calls, the best thing to do is ask questions and try to throw the scammers off their game.

"As soon as you do not follow or give them a chance to follow their script, they do not know what to do," said Linda.

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