Local Student Thanks Classmates

A local high schooler is saying thanks to a couple of classmates who helped him through a life threatening situation. The 15-year-old boy was helped to the nurse’s office; his classmates knew something was wrong.

"I didn't think it would be a brain tumor, so I just thought I was having a bad day and my stomach was acting up real bad," says Scott Beckmann, a student at D11’s Palmer High.

It happened a few weeks ago. He tells us he went to school and started losing feeling in his body. It turns out, he had a brain tumor and it was cancerous. He had it surgically removed and is now doing okay.

We talked to the classmates who helped Scott out of class and to the nurse’s office that day. They told us they knew something was wrong when he seemed to be acting like he was drunk in class.

“When I found out he had a brain tumor, it just shocked me,” says Gerson Reyes.

Scott says he's lucky doctors found the tumor and feels like he has a second chance. He tells us he's staying positive and will beat the disease.