Local School Districts React to Conn. Shooting

Southern Colorado school districts are reacting to news Friday morning of a deadly shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Pueblo City Schools (D-60) have put their school facilities on secured perimeter in response to the shooting.

School District 3 in Security- Widefield will continue normal security status.

A spokesperson for School District 11 in Colorado Springs says they will not be stepping up security, but are notifying parents that the teachers and students have been told to be on heightened alert.

School District 20 also sent out an email to parents letting them know they will be adhering to their day to day security measures.

The email reads:

Dear Academy District 20 community,
Our sincerest condolences go out to all the victims, families, and school staff members affected by the heart-breaking tragedy this morning, Dec. 14, in Newtown, Connecticut.
We want to inform our community about security measures we have taken today, not in response to any threat here, but to reassure our students, staff members, and families. Academy District 20 Security Officers have increased patrols at all schools and have spent the morning checking to make sure all of our schools are adhering to all of our safety protocols. Again, these measures are to insure that all safety procedures are being followed. There have not been any threats at any of our facilities.
We join with all educators, parents, and Americans who are devastated by this senseless tragedy and mourning the loss of so many young lives.
Mark Hatchell, Superintendent
Academy District 20