Local Mother Has A Warning For Potential Predators

Unwanted visitors to the Venetian Village neighborhood will see these posters, telling them they are being watched.
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After the recent attempted kidnappings in El Paso County, one mother is taking action in her own neighborhood. She's putting up signs with a warning to potential predators.

The Venetian Village neighborhood near Fillmore and Hancock is typically alive with the sound of children playing, but the recent attempted abduction cases have moms like Lisa Swanson on edge.

“It's an instant fear and panic, because I’ve had those nightmares. I've had those moments of, 'oh my God where's my son?'” Swanson explained.

Farther down the street, neighbors are just as protective.

“I’ve got three grandchildren that live at my house and I’m afraid to let them outside,” Yevonne Stathem said.

But Swanson says she's had enough. With a sharpie and poster board in hand, she was compelled to take action. She created a message to anyone even thinking about harming a child.

"Not here. You're not going to get away with it here. We will watch,” Swanson said.

The haunting eyes on the skull plastered to the poster board are meant to illustrate that very message.

"We will take pictures. We'll take video. We'll have everything ready so it won't happen here."

Swanson hopes her project will catch on in other neighborhoods too.