Local Man Warns About Possible Gift Card Scam

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In this 11 Call For Action Alert, a local man says he got a suspicious call from a stranger offering him several gift cards in exchange for his credit card information.

Corey Hepworth, who lives in Colorado Springs, got the call on his cell phone. Initially he didn't answer, but eventually called them back.

He says the person on the phone offered him a $100 gift card to Walmart, rebates for gas and a $25 Visa gift card. All he had to do was provide his credit card number to pay for shipping costs.

"What we need is we need your card number and we'll get these cards out to you. And I said, well, I thought it was free. And they said well no, there's a shipping charge and it's $19.95," said Hepworth.

Hepworth said he's very cautious about giving out his credit card number because his identity was stolen almost a decade ago.

11 News reached out to the Colorado Attorney General's Office, and they say they have not heard about this kind of scam happening in Colorado.

A spokesperson says it's a good reminder to never give out any personal information or credit card numbers over the phone, unless you initiated the call and know exactly who you are speaking to.

You can report scams to the Colorado Attorney General's Office by clicking on the link.